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Grade: B-

Address: 10501 Avenue Drapeau, Montreal, Qc H1H 0A3
Telephone #: 1-888-325-1777 / (514) 325-1777
Website: www.jdmmontreal.ca
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Alias & AKA: This shop is suspected of having multiple operating aliases and locations; (2)10580 Ethier Avenue, Montreal-Nord. (3) JDM Alliance LLC, 575 S. International Rd, Suite 400 Garland, Texas, USA 75042. Tel #: 1-855-484-4900; Website: www.jdm-online.com. & www.myjapanesecars.com Previous Siteswww.jdmontario.comwww.jdminstall.com.

From their About Section: The only thing about our Company is You. What we can do for you. Everyone can claim they have the biggest warehouse, the most engines, the best quality engines, the lowest prices ever, etc. But not everyone can really claim and prove that they put in the extra effort only to make the customer happy. As a matter of fact, you would have trouble even finding a company which honors the return and warranty policies they claim.
So instead of focusing and bragging about us, this section focuses on YOU. Because our company has experienced growth through knowing that it is all about what we can do for YOU - and how we can provide YOU with top quality JDM engines at truly reasonable prices. And above all, how we can back up our claims of importing truly hand-picked, low-mileage JDM engines.

JDM Alliance strives to provide the best possible buying experience for used JDM engines and auto parts. While others brag to you about how big they are, how low their prices are, or how high their quality is, we do things differently for you. JDM Alliance believes in showing you proof, instead of bragging about ourselves.

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